Rise: A Feasible Guide for Job Hunters in COVID-Times and Beyond

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Who Is This Book For?

This guide is for everyone looking for work in the United States during and after the COVID-19 pandemic: chefs and CEOs, pilots and project managers, bookkeepers and baristas, recruiters and real estate agents, software engineers and sales professionals, underwriters and Uber drivers, and everyone in between.

Does It Work?

Within four weeks of getting laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic, I executed the RISE methodology to land myself a new job. Over the last decade, I’ve coached countless others to enact the same methods, and they all attained job hunting success as a result.

Now I have penned the RISE wisdom into a handy guide. By applying these very same strategies, you too will attract the attention and admiration of recruiters and hiring managers and achieve job hunting success.

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Learn How to Become a Virtual Power Networker


Turn Recruiters into Fans and the Competition into Dust


Insider Secrets to Nail Your Interview


Don't Settle, Negotiate a Raise!

Rise: A Feasible Guide for Job Hunters in COVID-Times and Beyond

Searching for a job during the COVID-19 pandemic and need proven techniques and actionable strategies on how to land one?

Rise: A Feasible Guide for Job Hunters in COVID-Times and Beyond is your guide to landing your next job, whether you’re employed or unemployed.

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About The Author

Robin Guidry is the author of Rise: A Feasible Guide for Job Hunters in COVID-Times and Beyond and host of The Buy In podcast. She is best known as a talent acquisition leader, résumé writer, and career coach in the Boston tech scene.

Robin Guidry

People say

Robin Guidry is an incredible mind in this space.

She takes a unique marketing-based approach to the job hunt. I had her on the Negotiate Anything podcast as a guest and I can honestly say that nobody has approached the topic of career development, job search, and salary negotiation quite like her. The feedback has been tremendous!

I think what’s most incredible about the book is that includes these helpful email templates and conversational talk tracks to help job hunters through every step of the process. This is extremely beneficial especially when you find yourself struggling to prepare or handling underprepared interviewers.

Kwame Christian, Esq., M.A.

Director of the American Negotiation Institute

Robin Guidry’s book, Rise: A Feasible Guide for Job Hunters in COVID-Times and Beyond, is an action oriented book that gives the reader a fresh set of tools to stand out amongst the rest. These actions laid out by the author makes this book empowering for the reader and changes the person’s mindset from reactive/victim to proactive and valuable. From strategies to improve your LinkedIn networking skills, the effectiveness of your Resume, understanding your value and selling it with your brand, all the way down to negotiation…. this book covers it all. What makes it truly different is that it was created in the context of our current crisis of the pandemic. However, I strongly believe that you can learn a lot from this book outside of our current times. This is a must have for anyone who is struggling to find a job, not only now….but in the future. Thank you Robin for your amazing work.


Tough Grit Performance

Anthony A. Toorie
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Great guide in navigating the enigmatic and mercurial realm of the interview process and the tech interview process as well. Covers the broad ideas and strategies that will land you a job, with a quick terse concise and fun read. I highly recommend.
As complete as a manual can be.. without copying the web
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This book doesn't take any shortcuts. It spoon feeds the reader most everything; which is good in this case, because when one is jobless, the stress of the process of rebuilding one's professional persona can be daunting. This isn't to say the book is the answer, because no book can be "the" answer to getting a job you love. It is your serendipitous coach that shows you by examples of what is meant behind the words so often repeated on what to do and not do for each step of the process --at your own speed whether the internet is connected or not. Learning by example is paramount, because it provides a way to get meaning from direct experience. If one is lost at any step in the process, this book is for you.
My Post Covid job hunting bible!
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"Robin does an amazing job as your chirpa throughout the job search from your marketing documents, resume and cover letter to getting past the ATS, Interviewing at the various stages of the search and even some great salary negotiation tips when that coveted offer comes in. Throughout the journey there are activities to learn more about yourself as a candidate and prepare for each stage. Great read, buy this and get you dream job! Jan 2021 update: I accepted a job in a new discipline using many of the tips/approach to applying for a job, I even was able to negotiate a higher base salary. Buy Buy Buy!"
Superb Guide for all Job Seekers during these COVID times
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"Robin's book is totally amazing. Practical Guide to success in finding a job in these tough times. This book gives total HOPE and CONFIDENCE. This book just empowers all those who read it with the perfect set of techniques and how to better place yourself ahead of your competition."
Amazon Customer
Landing your next job---in times of Covid or otherwise!
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The author has impressive gains in her chosen profession by implementing the tools incorporated in her book. I am most impressed by the Rise Activities created by the author which provide the reader with a step by step process for success in the job search world, regardless of career focus. The activities are very comprehensive and can be labor intensive, but are supported by the author's employment achievements. As an HR professional myself, I applaud the approach recommended, and would enjoy meeting the candidates who take the time and effort to prepare themselves in-depth for their personal triumphs.
Great step by step guide for job hunting!
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"This book provides the reader an outstanding path to follow during the job hunting process. When the Berlin Wall fell at the end of 1989, many defense companies started downsizing and provided their employees job hunting services with the top outplacement companies in the country. These outplacement companies stressed the importance of networking, however, they did NOT provide examples on how to do networking. That skill had to be learned by trial and error. This book has so many examples of how to do networking, along with all the other things that are required during the entire job hunting process. It is really a great ""roadmap"" for job hunters to follow. Should help out tons of folks, especially during these crazy times. Congratulations Robin, you nailed it 🍾🥂"

What are you waiting for? It’s time to turn recruiters into advocates, hiring managers into fans, and your competition into dust.

As an Amazon Associate I earn a small fee from qualifying purchases.

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